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Kodaikanal - Tourist Information

Priestís Walk

This path connecting the tow seminaries, Sacred Heart College in Shenbaganur and La Providence on Upper Shola Road, is still pretty in spite of the developments of recent years. Some people find this hike scary because one is so close to the steep drop-off at some points, If you are the sort of hiker who likes to go down but not up, start off at La Providence and take the up from Shenbaganur when you finish. Follow the route for the Levinge Stream hike but instead of going down to the Stream, Continue skirting the hill where St. Maryís is situated.

Mount Perumal

When an ignorant tourist called Perumal a hill, a Kodai resident was very hurt and insulted. We are all very proud of our mountain, which rises to 2340 metres. From the bottom it is a two-hour climb. One gets to Perumalmalai village 11 kms below Kodai on the ghat road, by bus or car. Ask there for the track up the mountain. If you are not a Tamil speaker, just point upwards, the people there are used to tourists. Early on you will pass an interesting dolmen or prehistoric site.It is uphill all the way, but a wonderful view awaits you (if itís not a misty day). You will see Periakulam, Kodaikanal, Dindigul, and the Vaigai River snaking along towards Madurai.A tiger was killed near the top of Perumal in 1934, but now you will only see butterflies and birds.

Neptuneís Pool

An easy half-day hike. Walk up Observatory Road, continue on towards Poombari until you come to the Gundar river bridge. After th forest nursery take the path to the left. Walk down to the river, crossing a small stream and continue to the pools. There is a nice rocky picnic spot on the bank. Take the same route back to Kodai, and on the way stop and take a look at the reservoir which supplies the town with water.

Pig valley-Palangi

This is rather an unpleasant sounding name for a pleasant spot! To get there, cross over the lake bund and take the right-hand road past Nutshell bungalow, and walk up the steep hill road to Presentation Convent. Opposite the Convent gate is Rifle Range Road Which will take you past some old bungalows on the left and the ever expanding Naidapuram settlement on the right. Follow the road up, past new plantations, newly constructed houses, up to the top. From here you have a wonderful view towards Palangi on your right. The Observatory is on your left.

From here you can continue down to Palangi village through lovely pear orchards, small shoals, past a rushing stream and rice fields. Itís an easy walk downhill and there are beaten paths all leading to Palangi village. You can see the village as you walk. From Palangi, take a bus back to Kodai, or walk the 10 km road back. If you donít want to go to Palangi, you can walk through the valley to the left, aiming for the observatory on the high ground to the right. There is a path which will take you out to the Observatory Road near Iron House and Wyadra. Here, turn left and take the road back to Kodai. If you prefer, you can walk down into the valley, cross a small stream and aim for the top of the Bear Shola Falls. From here you bushwalk down to Bear Shola Road near the falls and take the short walk back to Kodai.

Doctorís Delight

Walk along the Berijam road up to a point where there is a log road on the left. Walk up to the edge until the highest point. At the cliff edge turn right and follow the cliffs around to the rocky point. Relax, enjoy the view and take the same route back to Kodai.

Gundar Valley

A beautiful walk through wattle forest and some shoals down towards the Gundar River and the Gundar Falls. Itís not easy to find the right path, so the best thing to do is to take a guide. The walk starts on the Observatory road. Walk past the Observatory to the Toll Gate, which is now only a dilapidated small house. There, turn right and after a short distance take the left log road. From there, walk on and look for a path leading downwards to the right. Follow the path down the valley. After a while youíll be crossing a small stream. Follow the path parallel to the stream along the side of the hill down to where the stream joins the Gundar River. This is a beautiful place for resting and picnicking, even swimming. If you want to continue walking down to the Falls, follow the river, at first to the side, later hopping on the boulders all the way to the edge. Be careful. Same route back.

Kodaikanal - Tourist Information

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