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Vilupuram - Tourist Information

Melnaariyappanoor Church

The 100 year old famous church is situated in Chennai - Selam highway and 8 km from Chinna Salem. The church is constructed by the Kunchaan, a devotee of St. Anthoniyar.


A famous Archeological Temple site is 20 kms from Viluppuram and 17 kms from Gingee. It is a 100 ft hillock, where the Mahendraverma (I) of Pallava kind, (580-630 made a cave temple.

Mel Chittamur

Which is 20 kms of Thindivanam and 10 kms east of Gingee. Head quarters of Digambara sect in Tamilnadu with the JINAKANCHI MATHA presided over by the Pontiff. Two temples, one dedicated to Parsvanatha and other known as 'Mailanatha temple was originally a boulder containing roc-cut images of Bahubali, Parsvanatha, Adinatha, Mahavira and Ambika yakshi carved in the 9th century AD. Rebuilt in the 16th century and renovated in the present century.


It is 16 kms northwest of Ulundurpet and 21 kms east of Thirukkoilur. Hillock at the village contains a Jaina cave and two temples dedicated to Parsvanatha and Chanraprabha. Cave served as the monastery of the monks of Virasangha in the 8th - 9th century A.D. Rich collection of bronze images found in the temple. Annual festival (Jan-Feb) celebrated on a grand scale and attended by Jains from all over Tamilnadu.


A International Township - this town of tomorrow that's now in the making is just across the Pondicherry border in Tamil Nadu. Symbolishing an experiment in international living, it was launched in 1968 with the co-operation of many nations, at the behest of the Mother. 'The city of Dawn' is still in its initial stages of development. Matrimandir, the meditation hall is, only a few houses scattered over its vastness to accommodate the residents who, at present, number around 1,000. they live in 14 different communes and speak 55 different languages. But the goal is common-to evolve into a fuller human being by combining a life of strenuous physical activity with the discipline nurtured by the regular and spiritual exercise. Each inhabitant of Auroville contributes in his own way towards building auroville. We can know more about Auroville from the website


Urn contains a hand-full of soil from 124 countries


It is situated on the Cuddalore - Chittoor trunk road and 37 kms from Viluppuram. the presiding deities of the Vishnu Temple are Ulagalanda Perumal (Thiruvikrama Swami) and Pushpavallithayar. Kabilar Kundru is also yet another picnic spot at Thirukkoilur which is situated in the middle of the river Pennayar. Kabilar was saint here and his last resting place, is maintained by the state Archeaological Department.

Kalrayan Hills

It is one part of the Eastern ghats, lies on the western side of the Kallakurichi Taluk. This area spread over an area of 600 sq. kms. approximately with the height ranging from 1000 ft to 3800 ft from the sea level. The History of Kalrayan hills with its Jagirdars run back to the time of Krishna Deverayar the Emperor of 'Vijaya Nagar Kingdom'. The emperor Krishna Deverayar given the rights to the tribes to enjoy this land but imposed many taxes on them. About the hill tribes it is said that warriors belonging to 'KARALAR' community had come from Kanchipuram and settled in kalrayan hills. after sometimes they over ride the tribal people called 'Vedar' (hunter) and married their wives. The communities of karalar and vedar who at present are called 'Malayali' and they call themselves as 'Goundars'. Kalrayan hills Possesses innumerable tourism Potentialities like water falls, jungle streams, rivers and rivulets and lovely jungle walks. The place is a veritable paradise for trekkers. It is also called as 'Poor man's hill station' of Tamil Nadu. Every year the District Administration is conducting the Summer Festival to create the awareness among the tribes.


Arulmigu Subramaniya Swami Temple located on small hillock at Mailam is a famous place for of pilgrimage. It is about 32 kms from Viluppuram on the Pondicherry - Thindivanam road. The Panguni Uthiram festival held in March - April fascinates a large crowd of devotes from all over Tamil Nadu.


A Geological park is about 40 kms from Viluppuram and 25 kms from Pondicherry. A national geological park with large number of petrified tree trunks known as fossil are found here. There is a temple for Lord Siva constructed by the famous Chola queen Sembiyan Madheviyar. Arulmigu Chandramoulisvarar and Tenambikai are the presiding deities here. Arulmigu Vakkaralingam and Arulmigu Vakkrakali for whom every full moon day and night of the year special prayers are conducted and thronged by pious devotees throughout the night. The Temple was sung by the Thirugnana Sambandar. Excellent sculptures and car/chariot like Mandapam is also existing here with huge nandhi and Ganesha. It was connected by Thindivanam and Pondicherry by regular buses.


It is 20 kms from Viluppuram on the Thirukkoilur road which is the birth place of Sadayappar, the patron of Kambar (The greatest Tamil poet and author of the Tamil Epic Kambaramayanam) There is also an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Siva.

Marakanam Beach

It is 22 kms from Pondicherry across East Coast Road in Vanur Taluk. The salt field is very famous in this beach.

Vilupuram - Tourist Information

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